Running Scared

Running Scared, 2006

Dir./Writ. Wayne Kramer

The film follows a collection of characters, focusing centrally on Paul Walker’s Joey Gazelle. After a shootout with a gang of corrupt cops, Gazelle is placed in charge of disposing of a gun used to kill a dirty cop. The gun goes missing, however, leading Gazelle and his family, dirty cops, narcos, and the mob on a goose chase throughout the city in search of the missing gun and a missing child. They encounter murderers, pimps, opposing mobs, strippers, pedophiles, and child murders along the way. Running Scared uses color very heavily, as well as imagery. In this specific scene, The Hockey sequence, Gazelle, a child, the mob, and anther gang of narcos all meet at a hockey rink in the city. They’re beaten, threatened, tortured, and eventually nearly everyone gets shot to death, closing with the cops showing up as we learn some surprising things about Joey Gazelle.


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